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A Closed Solution for Cytotoxic Drug Delivery that is Clean, Safe and Simple

CODAN CYTO™ is a simple, yet comprehensive line of products for safe preparation and administration of cytotoxic drugs. CODAN is the original manufacturer of cytotoxic drug protection products for IV delivery and has successfully supplied the European market for many years.

Manufactured to American standards, CODAN CYTO™ provides healthcare workers the protection they need to minimize health risks associated with the handling of hazardous agents.


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Features & Benefits

  • A closed drug transfer solution utilizing CODAN vial spikes under a Class III enclosed, ventilated hood (BSC)
  • Closed system administration using neutral solution barriers and no-disconnect products.
  • Clean, safe and simple drug transfer—from pharmacy to chair side.
  • Engineered controls and universal spike adapter compatible with all pump systems.
  • Multiple access ports allow for multiple drug infusions and promote the CODAN no-disconnect philosophy.
  • System greatly reduces sympathetic flow and eliminates back priming.
  • Ensures no accidental needle sticks and no disconnects to eliminate exposure risks.
  • Meets all FDA, cGMP, ISO, CE and CMDCAS standards.

The CODAN CYTO® product line consists of:

Vial Spikes

We offer five universal vial spikes including options for the pharmacy level. Available features include 0.2 micron air eliminating filter, 5.0 micron fluid filter, and swabable needlefree adaptor.

Primary Connect Sets
Sets feature universal spike adaptors that are compatible with any pump set as well as inline check valves and access port check valves that prevent cross-contamination of the various drugs and the neutral solution bag.

Secondary Connect Sets
Designed specifically for use with bags, these create a neutral solution barrier that will protect caregivers from cytotoxic drug exposure.

IV Extension Sets
Offer a variety of features to ease drug administration, protect the caregiver and prevent cross contamination.

Gravity Sets
Combine features of CODAN primary connect and pump sets with air eliminating filters for in-line aerosol protection. Sets are also available for special administration such as TAXOL.

Individually packaged and sterilized products including the CODAN FlowStop Cap™ and CytoClips that can be added for easy priming or to prevent disconnects.

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