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Mixing and Withdrawal Products for the Hospital Pharmacy

High quality CODAN RxTM products ease the critical mixing and withdrawal process of compounded products.

CODAN transfer sets, the unique line of CODAN spikes and other mixing and withdrawal products provide a high level of safety for the pharmacist against drug exposure and ensure accurate drug compounding.

CODAN RxTM products are designed for a large variety of substances, including cytotoxic drugs, and promote conservation of reconstituted products. Our products offer a high level of accuracy and reduce the risk of bacterial and particulate contamination during drug preparation and withdrawal.

CODAN Rx™ Sub Categories

Features & Benefits

  • Anti-Siphon, Needlefree and Latex Free Adapters
  • Transfer Pins and Take Sets
  • CODAN Spikes include 0.2 micron Filters
  • Fluid, Syringe and Air Compensating Bacterial and Viral Filtration Products
  • Light Protective Tubing Sets
  • Color Coded Plugs and Caps
  • Double Sided Transfer Spikes
  • Vial Spikes with 99.999% Aerosol Retention
  • Vial Spikes allow Complete Drug Withdrawal
  • Non-DEHP and Latex Free
  • CODAN LightSafe ® Tubing available for Safe Administration of Light Sensitive Drugs to prohibit Photo-Degradation
  • Exclusive CODAN FlowStop Cap TM for Safe and Leak-Free Priming