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SafeFeed™ by CODAN 

All-in-One Feeding System for ENFit and Oral Connectors  

The comprehensive SafeFeed™ by CODAN product line offers a safe and simple solution to all neonate and pediatric enteral feeding needs.  

The SafeFeed™ by CODAN Enteral Reservoir allows for identification, freezing, thawing, and baby enteral delivery with a closed container after initial filling of breast milk. The system works with formula as well, and either end of the reservoir can be used to feed the baby. 

A standard bottle nipple attaches to the orange screw lid side of the 60 ml container for easy oral feeding, while the oral/enteral-only tip can be used to finish feeding through a feeding tube if the baby is unable to finish the entire amount orally.


SafeFeed™ by CODAN™ Sub Categories

Features & Benefits

  • All-in-One, Enteral to Oral Feeding System
  • Fill Manually or via Breast Pump
  • Freeze and Thaw Milk Directly in Reservoir
  • 60 ml Reservoir with Visible Volume Measurement Scales in Ounces and Milliliters for Controlled Feedings
  • Reservoir Stand for Hands Free Handling
  • Attach to Enteral Feeding Extension Sets for Gravity Feeds
  • Use Standard Bottle Nipple for Oral Feeding
  • Minimal Exposure to Outside Contaminants
  • Multiple U.S. Patents support Unique Design
  • Individually Sterile Packaged
  • Non-DEHP and Latex Free
  • Compliance with Enteral Feeding Standard, ANSI/AAMI  ID54: 1996/ (R) 2001
  • Quality Products “Made in USA”
  • Non-DEHP and Latex Free



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