A Commitment to Quality Patient Care

CODAN quality IV systems are recognized worldwide for precise and reliable intravenous therapy delivery and life-saving blood replacement administration. Our non-DEHP and latex free product lines feature a number of unique CODAN innovations.


  • Adapter with Female and Male Luer-Lock Connectors
  • Engineered Controls
  • Integrated Back Check Valve

CODAN Check Valves

  • Single direction operation to prevent backflow of solution in IV lines, or for parallel infusion

Specialty Spin-Lock

  • Rotating male luer-lock provides easy and safe bifurcated and trifurcated connection for direct delivery of medication

CODAN I.V. Star® Filters

  • Positively charged PES Filters for retention of particles, micro-organisms including endotoxins and for the elimination of air
  • 0.2 micron Infusion Filters
  • No Risk TPN Filtration with 1.2 micron Lipid Filters

CODAN FlowStop Cap™

  • Hydrophobic End Cap for Universal Use
  • Reduces Risk of Bacterial or Particulate Contamination
  • Safe and Leak Free Priming of Sets
  • Bacteria-Free, Drip-Free Pre-Priming for up to 24 hours prior to use and up to seven days pre-priming with refrigeration

CODAN Roller Clamps

  • Precise Administration of Solution
  • Clamp Device for Tubing for short IV Breaks
  • Protection Device for Spikes after use

CODAN LightSafe®

  • IV Administration and Extension Sets for safe administration of light-sensitive drugs to prohibit photo-degradation
  • Amber Tinted Tubing

Needlefree Valves & Stopcocks

  • Create closed medication administration systems for effective infection prevention and reduced CLABSI rates

All-In-One Sets

  • Eliminate the need to assemble multiple sets and increase efficiencies of line change outs

IV Tubing Options

  • A large selection of tubing sizes include micro bore, mini bore, regular bore and large bore as well as kink resistant and colored specialty tubing
  • All tubing made with DEHP-free plasticizer

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