All-In-One Systems Offer Effective Infection Prevention

Standard open medication delivery systems present a serious health concern and contribute to increases in infection rates. 
CODAN Infection Prevention™ Sets have been designed to reduce contamination risks specifically in the NICU and PICU. 
Needlefree adapters and stopcocks create a closed system for medication administration.

Features and Benefits

  • Swabable Needlefree Adaptors
  • MiniBore and MicroBore Tubing (minimal priming volume)
  • Color-Coding of Slide Clamps
  • Customizable to Specific Customer Needs
  • Reduced Material Management Cost
  • Quality Products “Made in USA”
  • 50+ Years of Market Experience
  • Non-DEHP and Latex Free

Our expert sales specialists can help you design sets to standardize products across departments, reduce waste, add to cost savings and consolidate multiple packages into a single pouch, reducing clinician set up time.

To locate a sales representative in your area, contact Customer Service at (800) 332-6326.