CODAN LightSafe™

IV Administration Sets and Extension Sets

Reduces Potentially Harmful Light Effects in Neonatal TPN and IV Drug Delivery

The nutritional requirements of a typical neonatal infant are approximately 200 times their stomach capacity. Therefore, supplemental IV feedings with lipids and Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) are essential. Light exposure can produce high levels of harmful hydrogen peroxide, oxidants and oxidizing agents that can dangerously stress the compromised antioxidant systems of especially preterm infants and seriously ill neonates.

CODAN’s amber-colored LightSafe™ tubing is designed to protect certain drugs from light exposure which can cause reduction in potency, discoloration which makes the drug unusable, and complete degradation which causes the drug to be potentially dangerous and unsafe to use.

Through clinical tests, LightSafe™ tubing is proven to reduce hydro peroxide generation in neonatal patients receiving lipids and TPN as well as proven to reduce photo-degradation of light sensitive infusible products such as Vitamin A, Amphotericin B, Nitroprusside, Adriamycian, Doxorubicin, Dacarbazine and Furosemide.

CODAN LightSafe™ tubing provides the following important features:

  • Significantly reduces production of nutrient oxidants and oxidizing agents
  • Protects TPN solutions and certain drugs from harmful light
  • Totally inert, PVC and latex free
  • Co-extruded tubing with DEHP-free PE fluid path

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