Save Time and Money through Consolidation and Standardization of IV Products

CODAN keeps a keen eye on your bottom line. We help our customers standardize and consolidate purchases by offering a full range of high quality All-In- One IV Delivery Systems that eliminate the need for multiple SKUs and greatly reduce material management costs.

CODAN’s safe medication, all-in- one sets are designed to fit your exact needs and are individually and sterile packaged. Your staff saves precious setup time, and your facility saves the cost of multiple items. Most importantly, you decrease infection control issues through reduced handling and the use of infection prevention products.

CODAN offers complementary savings assessment of how to reduce your line item cost.

Features and Benefits

  • Reduce Setup Time and Waste
  • Eliminate Cost of Multiple SKUs and POs
  • Simple to Use Custom Configurations
  • Products Reduce Risk of Infection and CLABSI Rates
  • Unparalleled Product Quality and Reliability
  • Compatible with Any Pump Systems
  • Meet FDA, CDC, JCAHO and CMDCAS Standards
  • Products are Non-DEHP and Latex Free


To learn more about the CODAN Savings Program, contact Customer Service at (800) 332-6326.