Switch to Needlefree and Avoid Accidental Needle Sticks


Comply with hospital policies and procedures and start using high quality spikes by CODAN to draw medication the safe way.

Spikes are ideal for use in both the anesthesia department and the pharmacy. Reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated at your facility and save money.

The possibility of contamination during preparation and withdrawal of medication is reliably prevented by the integrated filter in specialty CODAN spikes.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe, Needlefree Connection
  • User Friendly Design
  • Specially Shaped Piercing Device
  • Vented and Non-Vented Vial Spikesl
  • Micro Sized and Standard Sized Spikes
  • Available in Cost Effective Multi Pack
  • Sterile Ventilation with 0.2 micron Air Eliminating Filter Membrane
  • Integrated 5 micron Fluid Filter in CODAN Chemoprotect ® Spike for retension of particulate matter
  • Meet FDA, CDC, JCAHO and CMDCAS Standards
  • Non-DEHP and Latex Free

Download Printable Product Flyer.

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