Simple, Fast and Easy to Use for Effective Infection Prevention



Needlefree adapters offer safety for patients and caregivers. CODAN SWAN-LOCK ® swabable valves connect securely to male and female luer-locks and eliminate accidental needle sticks. Special features include:

  • Connects to all IV Tubing and Syringes
  • Low Priming Volume at 0.09ml
  • Highly Visible, Straight Two-Way Fluid Path
  • Latex Free and PVC Free
  • Swabable Surface (up to 96 hours depending on protocol)
  • Leak Proof through Auto Shut-off Valve
  • Resistant to Lipids and Alcohol
  • No Capping or Additional Parts Required
  • MRI Compatible
  • Microbial Barrier
  • Some Components also available in Red

CODAN UltraClear™ Neutral Valve

CODAN UltraClear™ swabable neutral fluid displacement valves at both luer connection and disconnection help reduce reflux related occlusions. Additional features include:

  • Infection Prevention and Reduced CLABSI Rates
  • Dual seal design intended to defend against microbial ingress
  • Split Septum Direct Fluid Path
  • Low Priming Volume at 0.09ml
  • Clear housing facilitates visualization of entire fluid path during priming and flushing
  • Ergonomically designed to balance usability and size in clinical applications where smaller is better
  • Low priming volume allows for lower flush volumes
  • Designed to complement best clinical practices and does not require clinician clamping to control valve-induced reflux

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