All-In-One Systems Offer Effective Infection Prevention

CODAN specialty neonate/pediatric IV sets are designed specifically for the youngest patients and are fully customizable to unique customer needs. The completely sterile sets are built for truly sterile procedures. Eliminate the need to assemble multiple sets and increase efficiencies of line change outs.

There are a number of important advantages to CODAN specialty sets:

3-in- 1 and 2-in- 1 Connectors
These connectors reduce fluid path distance to manage the dilution of medications to ensure precise delivery. Also a great remedy for managing troughs in administration of presser meds.

Safe Luer Connectors

All male and female connectors are resistant to Lipids, Alcohol, Chlorhexidine and all cleaning agents. This prevents all unnecessary failures due to cracking plastic.

All CODAN for Kids™ sets are constructed using our safest and most precise tubing and componentry; this means low priming volumes offering peace of mind to the clinician when precise solution delivery is critical.

Infection Prevention
All CODAN for Kids™ sets offer swabable “closed” connectors to prevent the bugs from getting in. These sets come in varieties from “off-the- shelf” items to easily customizable options for your unit’s needs.

Color-Coded Clamps
We offer the clinicians a quick and easy way to identify a line.

Air Eliminating Filters
0.2 and 1.2 micron filters are available to filter your TPN, Lipids and 3-in- 1 admixture PN. We also offer positive-charged filtration to not only retain bacteria but also the endotoxins they can release.

CODAN LightSafe™ Tubing
CODAN’s proprietary LightSafe ® tubing is the perfect item to use avoiding solution degradation of your photo-sensitive solutions.

Quality and Sterility
CODAN sets are manufactured and sterilized using Non-DEHP and Latex-Free tubing and components. Additionally, products are sterilized in such a way to guarantee sterility inside and out of the tubing and componentry; thus allowing your unit to use Aseptic and Sterile techniques.

Features and Benefits

  • All-In- One Sets
  • Decreases CLABSI Rates
  • # of Lumens Determined by Facility
  • Color-Coded Clamps
  • Microbore & Minibore Tubing
  • Complete & Sterile Burette Sets
  • 0.2 & 1.2 Micron Air Eliminating Filters
  • Neutral Needlefree Adapters
  • Available to fit all Syringe Pumps
  • Latex Free and Non-DEHP Tubing
  • Custom Sets available in 4 Weeks
  • Meet CDC & FDA Requirements

Our expert sales specialists can help you design sets to standardize products across departments, reduce waste, add to cost savings and consolidate multiple packages into a single pouch, reducing clinician set up time.

To locate a sales representative in your area, contact Customer Service at (800) 332-6326.


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