CODAN MicroSpikes

Infusion management – From basic handling to complete administration of medication

From the beginning, CODAN product manufacturing standards have been based on a singular dedication to quality patient care.  Today, we work closely with clinical practitioners to maintain our commitment to innovative clinical applications and new product development.

Our innovative IV sets deliver vital body fluid replacement to patients in emergency medical procedures, in hospital emergency rooms, in surgical, critical and intensive care units.  Our products are used extensively in general hospital IV therapy and total parenteral nutrition (TPN) procedures.  Clinicians and patients also rely on our quality IV sets in alternate site care facilities, nursing homes and home care. Our sets include important features such as:

  • 10, 15, 20 or 60 drop drip chamber with air vent for any type of infusion containers
  • 15 micron fluid filter ensures safe retention of particles
  • Precision roller clamp allows for exact adjustment of flow rate over longer periods of time
  • CODAN SWAN-LOCK® Swabable NeedleFree Y-injection site for safe and secure medication administration
  • Needle injection sites are available:
    • Y-injection site with integrated back check valve
    • Y-injection site
  • Male luer-lock needle adapter with rotating collar and CODAN FlowStop Cap™ maintains fluid path sterility and exclude leakage during preparation and ventilation
  • CODAN FlowStop Cap™ allows for priming without removing cap and reduces risk of bacterial contamination
  • Other adapters with CODAN FlowStop Cap™:
    • Male luer-lock with integrated back check valve
    • Rotating male luer-lock

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