Responsible handling of a valuable resource

CODAN transfusion sets were developed for transfusion of blood and blood components and are suitable for gravity and pressure administration (with compatible volumetric infusion pumps) as well as for pressure cuff driven transfusion applications.

The transfer of blood and blood components has become indispensable in everyday clinical practice. Among other things, the responsible handling of patient blood as a scarce resource is in the focus of the actions of medical personnel. In close collaboration with doctors and nurses, CODAN has developed and produced transfusion systems for more than 60 years with a focus on ecological and economical patient blood management.

CODAN basic transfusion sets
Our basic transfusion sets contain the following components:

  • Special designed spike which enables easy penetration of container ports and offers a safe connection to the container (available as vented and non-vented version)
  • Drip chamber with standard drip orifice (20 drops/1 ml), made of flexible, transparent non-reflective material with level ring mark, enabling easy priming and control of drip rate, equipped with a 200 µm filter with a filter surface of 11.5 cm² or 23.5 cm²
  • Highly flexible PVC tubing with plasticizer TOTM in different lengths
  • Different types of injection sites and Male Luer-Lock adapters at the distal end of the transfusion set
  • FlowStop protection cap with a hydrophobic filter allowing air to pass but stopping the flow automatically as soon as the solution reaches the filter

The CODAN components and their quality aspects are also reliable parts of the following transfusion set variations.

Transfusion sets with multiple spikes
The Y-type transfusion sets are characterized by multiple spikes – this enables consecutive administration of blood, blood components and saline solution. The multiple spike feature allows the medical personnel to set up more than one transfusion in an easy and time-saving way. Preparation prior to administration can be effected with one set instead of several sets.

Transfusion sets for neonatology/pediatrics
Reliable and accurate products are essential when caring for neonates and pediatric patients. In addition to the ready-to-use administration sets CODAN offers, various products for safe and easy blood transfusion available. These sets are complex systems with various components that can be configured in different and customized ways.

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