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In North America, CODAN operates a manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, California, just 45 minutes south of Los Angeles, and a second manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico, only a 2 hour drive south of the Santa Ana facility. U.S. and European-made CODAN products are sold directly to hospital users by the CODAN direct sales force, or through select distributors, or they are sold to various companies in private label. The primary market is the United States and Canada, but sales are also made to select customers in Latin America and in Australasia.

CODAN operates in a vertically integrated structure. The majority of the components used at our assembly lines in the United States and Mexico are designed and produced within the CODAN Group at manufacturing facilities in Europe, primarily in Germany where injection molding machines are running around the clock. Components are then shipped in containers across the waters to CODAN in the United States. We then assemble IV infusion sets to either our own specifications or to those of our customers. All the finished products assembled in either California or Tijuana are packaged at our Santa Ana plant and subsequently sterilized in partnership with a local state-of- the-art sterilization company.

CODAN has a strong competitive advantage based on product quality that exceeds industry norms. In addition, CODAN is small enough and sufficiently agile to be able to respond quickly to special needs and requirements of customers in a way that other medical device manufacturers cannot or will not do it. Quality complaints from the fields are consistently well below 1.0ppm, and customers can rely on timely delivery of their products.

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