Code of Conduct

The international CODAN Companies with more than 1500 employees specializes in the manufacturing of medical transfer systems. Ever since the founding of the first small production facility by Sven Husted-Andersen senior, the name CODAN has stood for high-quality products as well as for the values of an owner-run family business.

CODAN is recognized amongst users as a manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, resulting from more than 60 years of research and development. As a global partner to the medical industry with Danish roots and production sites in five countries, CODAN contributes to the safe care of patients worldwide through reliable and innovative solutions in the fields of infusion, blood pressure monitoring and infusion pump technology. The CODAN product range is the result of a consistent development policy based on market demand. The foundation is a continued evaluation of the clinical requirements, together with extensive training and regular exchange of knowledge and experience between practitioners and CODAN.

Our own production facilities and sales companies in Germany, Portugal, USA, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Austria and Denmark cooperate to ensure effective manufacturing, sales and service to the health care market.

The conduct of the companies (hereinafter CODAN)

  • CODAN Medizinische Geräte GmbH
  • CODAN pvb Critical Care GmbH 
  • CODAN pvb Medical GmbH
  • CODAN 11, S.A.
  • CODAN US Corporation
  • CODAN Inc.
  • CODAN Limited
  • CODAN Medical AG
  • CODAN s.r.i.
  • CODAN Medical GmbH
  • CODAN Medical ApS

as well as their employees follow the guidelines specified in this document. These are valid for the corporate management as well as all employees and are the obligatory basis for all our business relations.

The ethical guidelines describes herein are based in particular on the principles of the UN Global Compact and on the general declaration of human rights of the United Nations (UN).

General principles

CODAN undertakes to respect all laws in effect and any other applicable regulations of the countries in which it operates. All employees and business partners are treated fairly and contracts adhered to.


All CODAN employees are obliged to strictly separate the interests of the company and private interests from each other. This is valid for the handling of customers, suppliers and all other institutions. All actions and purchasing decisions are carried out independent of considerations not concerning business or involving personal interests. The granting of personal benefits by CODAN and its employees with the objective of achieving advantages for the company, oneself or third parties is not allowed.

CODAN employees are not permitted to demand or accept personal benefits or favors of value, monetary or otherwise, when dealing with customers, suppliers and all other institutions. This generally does not apply to presents and invitations that fall within the scope of customary business hospitality, convention and courtesy.

Forced Labor

CODAN strictly condemns any form of forced labor. Employees are under no circumstances forced to work through the use of violence or intimidation.

Child labor

CODAN follows the regulations of the United Nations in regard to human and children’s right and undertakes to comply with the minimum legal age for admission to employment.

Human rights

CODAN explicitly respects and supports compliance with the internationally recognized human rights.


CODAN undertakes to prevent and inhibit any form of discrimination based on the applicable legal situation. This includes, in particular, discrimination on grounds of gender, race, disability, ethnic or cultural origin, religion or ideology, age or sexual orientation.

Health protection

CODAN adheres to all applicable occupational safety and health protection requirements according to national laws and provisions.

Collective bargaining

CODAN respects the right of the employees to organize themselves within the applicable rights and laws.

Environment protection

CODAN considers it important to balance the interests of business, applicable regulations and medical demands with the needs of environmental and climate protection to the greatest possible extent. We support environmentally conscious actions of our personnel.

Trade secrets

CODAN obligates its employees to observe and keep trade secrets. Confidential information as well as confidential documents may not be disclosed to third parties, nor may third parties be allowed to gain knowledge thereof in any other manner, unless proper authorization has been granted of its concerns publicly available information.

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