From the beginning, CODAN product manufacturing standards have been based on a singular dedication to quality patient care. Today, we work closely with clinical practitioners to maintain our commitment to innovative clinical applications and new product development.

Engineering, Assembly and Manufacturing

Our commitment to quality intravenous systems has made us a leader in the I.V. industry. Those systems consist of CODAN label I.V. products, I.V. spike and drip chamber assemblies, and administration and infusion set component parts.

We maintain our leadership position with a high level of excellence in raw material selection, manufacturing, inspection and sterilization processes, and in packaging and distribution networks. CODAN engineering assures the finest product design, safety, reliability and performance.

Our competitive edge is vertical integration. Molding presses and other highly automated equipment operate around the clock in Germany. CODAN products include a full line of I.V. administration sets, extension sets, anesthesia sets, filtration sets, TPN sets, pediatric and neonatal sets.

In addition to our CODAN Label Products, we also contract manufacture sterile and non-sterile sets, and offer private labeling, multivac packaging, non-sterile sub-assemblies and component parts with full qualifications and validations.

CODAN Distinctives


CODAN’s product portfolio, which includes infusion sets, transfusion sets, and accessories, is latex-free


Needle-free adapter with Luer-activated open/close valve, as well as Male and Female Luer-Lock connectors


Tubing made with DEHP-free plasticizer



The I.V.STAR® series contain a 0.2 µm filter which enables you to effectively eliminate microorganisms, particles and air from the infusion system

FlowStop Protection Cap

Enables priming without removing the cap, lowering the risk of bacterial contamination 

CODAN Light-Safe®

I.V. administration and extension sets for the safe administration of light-sensitive drugs in order to prevent photodegradation

All-In-One Sets

Eliminate the need to assemble multiple sets and increase efficiencies of line change outs

CODAN Check Valves

Single direction operation to prevent backflow of solution in I.V. lines, or for parallel infusion

CODAN I.V. Delivery Systems

CODAN Infusion Sets offer many advantages and possibilities

All components are latex-free and all the tubing is non-DEHP.

  • 10, 15, 20 or 60 drop drip chamber with air vent for any type of
    infusion containers
  • 15 µm fluid filter ensures that particles are safely retained
  • Precision roller clamp guarantees a constant flow in a simple, quick and precise way
  • CODAN SWAN-LOCK® Swabable Adapter Needle-free Y-injection site for safe and secure medication administration
  • Needle injection sites are available:
    • Y-injection site with integrated back check valve
    • Y-injection site
  • Male Luer-Lock needle adapter with a rotating collar and a CODAN FlowStop protection cap keeps the fluid path sterile and prevents leakage during preparation and ventilation
  • CODAN FlowStop protection cap enables priming without removing the cap, lowering the risk of bacterial contamination 
  • Other adapters with CODAN FlowStop:
    • Male Luer-Lock with integrated back check valve
    • Rotating Male Luer-Lock

Needle-Free Valves


CODAN SWAN-LOCK® needle-free adapter with Luer-activated open/close valve, as well as Male and Female Luer-Lock connectors. The SWAN-LOCK® is simple to use and provides a safe, effective infection barrier, reducing the risk of infection to patients and medical personnel.

  • Priming volume of 0.09 ml
  • Highly Visible, Straight Two-Way Fluid Path
  • Latex-Free and PVC Free
  • Swabable Surface (swabbed with disinfectant according to protocol)
  • Compatible with Lipids and Alcohol
  • No Capping or additional parts required for the Female Luer-Lock connector
  • MRI Compatible
  • Microbial Barrier
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