Infusion and Transfusion Accessories

Accessories for infusion and transfusion administration

When various medical treatments are performed in hospitals, many accessories and adapters are required. Safe, compatible and leak-proof connections are essential.

CODAN adapter
CODAN principally offers standardized Luer-Lock connectors. Good handling, physical and technical measures are of high significance.

  • COMBI-LOCK and STANDARD-LOCK – closure plugs for Luer-Lock adapters of catheters, 4-way stopcocks, single use syringes and administration sets.
  • R-LOCK – adapter with integrated CODAN Check Valve and Male/Female Luer-Lock connector, preventing backflow of solutions on 4-way stopcocks, manifold connectors, administration systems and catheters.
  • INJEC-LOCK – injection plug for intermittent medication with needle, for use with catheters, manifold connectors and 4-way stopcocks.

4-way stopcock and manifolds
4-way stopcock and Multiflow manifolds offer a versatile application concept for infusion therapy and intensive care medicine. A secure connection in every position, 4-way stopcock guarantees this freedom of movement. The connected 4-way stopcocks are rotatable through 360°, even anti-clockwise, so they can always be turned in the position required for optimal handling. This prevents an opening of the connection by accidental rotation.

The SWAN-LOCK® is an adapter with Female and Male Luer-Lock connector that enables easy needle-free addition and withdrawal of fluids. The SWAN-LOCK® is easy to handle and provides a secure, effective infection barrier, reducing the risk of infection to the patient and medical personnel. The SWAN-LOCK® RED with red transparent housing is color-coded for identification or distinction e.g. arterial use. Both versions are compatible for use with 4-way stopcocks, single use syringes, catheters, extension sets and administration systems.

Infusion bag hanger
The Infusion bag hanger can be added between infusion stand and primary infusion container to avoid any tubing kinks or sags at the secondary medication line. This device can be applied to affect the gravity of an infusion container.


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