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We take care of the “small” patients

CODAN offers a variety of administration systems for our little ones in neonatology and pediatrics. These patients are often dependent on parenteral nutrition (TPN) with accompanying medication. In addition, low flow rates and a minimal infusion fluid intake have to be considered during treatment.

Due to their low body weight and immature immune system, they are particularly susceptible to infections. Since you often only have one patient access for treatments available and the fluid balance of the patient must be constantly monitored, the use of complex systems is indispensable.

With our solutions developed in collaboration with specialists in neonatology/pediatrics under the strictest hygiene guidelines, we help you to minimize risks that may occur during treatment.

The following components/features are successfully used in the CODAN Neonatology/Pediatrics products:

  • Systems for TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition) and medications
  • Administration of vitamins through light-protected administration systems
  • Separate supply of lipids and lipid-containing solutions
  • Drip chamber with drip orifice (60 drops/1 ml)
  • 0.2 µm filter for bacteria, particle and air separation (filter surface 1.6 cm² and 4.3 cm²)
  • 1.2 µm filter for lipids and lipid-containing solutions (filter surface 1.6 cm² and 4.3 cm²)
  • Needle-free adapter (SWAN-LOCK®) for an effective infection barrier against microorganisms and prevention of air inclusions
  • CODAN Check Valve for solution backflow prevention
  • Minimal filling volume
  • Therapy through syringe pump (CODAN syringe pumps)
  • Tubing material: transparent or LIGHT-SAFE™ (brown) PVC tubing with plasticizer TOTM;

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