BD PureHub™ Strips

Catalog Number: PHST306597         Item Number: 26.9495


The BD PureHub™ disinfecting cap strips was designed for compatibility with market-leading needle-free connectors prior to access and maintains a physical barrier to contamination for up to seven days.

$1,305.00 / $ .29 per unit  (4,500 units per case)

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BD PureHub™ Disinfecting Caps (30 strips of 10 disinfecting caps) provides rapid disinfection in just one minute, maintains a physical barrier for up to seven days, and is compatible with needle-free luer connectors.

Efficacy: BD PureHub™ Disinfecting Caps disinfect with a sterilized 70% IPA solution, providing 99.9% (.4 log) reduction in bacteria within 1 minute of application.

Weight 12.65 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 10 in
Unit Price

$ .29

  • Catalog No. PHST306597
  • Item No. 26.9495
  • Units/Case 4,500


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