Safe preparation and administration of cytostatics

Dealing with cytotoxic drugs in infusion therapy poses particular challenges to users in both drug preparation and administration. The protection against contamination of any kind on the one hand and the complete administration of the medication on the other hand are the central points in the handling of cytotoxic drugs and our essential approach in the development and production of CODAN CYTO® infusion systems since the 1990’s. Thus, we have been pioneering in the field of cytostatic drug administration for nearly 30 years and see ourselves as a partner of pharmacies, practices and hospitals in establishing and implementing appropriate workflows by application of our systems.

The CYTO systems
are the primary lines for the administration of cytostatics and other medications to the patient and the Cyto Secondary Connect Set is the secondary line – together, both lines create a safe closed system.


CODAN Spike C350-MP

$143.49 / $2.87 per unit  (50 units per case)

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